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We understand that designing a waterfront lifestyle needs to be personal and unique to you. When you consult with us there is a teaching and learning process with a high degree of personal involvement. Dvorak’s Docks will help you organize your thoughts and recommend the best products to fit your needs. You won’t regret having spoken with us, we guarantee it!

  • Multi-Dock in Deep Water

  • Wheel Dock & Pontoon Lift

  • Long Economy Dock

  • Wheel Dock U-Shape

  • Setting a Boat Lift

  • Economy Cedar

  • Wheel Dock

  • Economy Perpindicular

  • Lift Setup

  • 8' Wide Bench

  • Multi-Dock Stock

  • Wheel Dock Stock

  • Yard Stock

  • Multi-Dock

  • Multi-Dock Kayaks

  • Post Dock