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Porta-Dock Lift Accessories - Canopies
Porta-Dock Lift Accessories - Canopies


We’ve Got you Covered

Porta-Dock’s Lift Canopies are the best way to help protect your boat, pontoon or personal watercraft from the elements and complete the unique look of your dock system.

Canopy Frames
& Fabric


Porta-Dock’s Lift Canopy Frames create a “garage-like” enclosure that provides added protection to your watercraft, boat, or pontoon while in the lift. Our standard full mesh ends allows for complete coverage while still allowing for air to pass through. 

Easy to attach by mounting to existing canopy frame.

  • Adjustable aluminum framework
  • Double aluminum tubing runs the full length of the top


  • Heat-sealed, strong, long-lasting seams
  • TOP GUN® acrylic coated polyester marine fabric
  • Easily cleans with mild detergent and water
  • Comes standard with full-mesh ends

Canopy Colors

Porta-Dock TOP GUN® Canopies come with a 5-year warranty and offers maximum depth, giving your boat exceptional protection from the elements.

  • Porta-Dock Canopy Colors
  • Porta-Dock Canopy Colors
  • Porta-Dock Canopy Colors
  • Porta-Dock Canopy Colors
    Forest Green
  • Porta-Dock Canopy Colors
    Caribbean Blue
  • Porta-Dock Canopy Colors

Porta Dock Lift Accessories - Canopies

30” Drop

The peak of protection

Our optional 30” Drop Canopy allows for deeper coverage while still allowing for air to pass through with full mesh ends.

Free Standing

Porta-Dock Free Standing Canopies provide protection from the elements when a traditional lift is not needed. Perfect for pontoons with pontoon lift systems, such as Sea-Legs™.

All four legs are adjustable, making it easy to set proper depth, and augers help keep the canopy frame in place and stops shifting from waves and wind.

Porta Dock Lift Accessories - Canopies

Porta-Dock Lift Accessories - Canopies

Crafted for
the Lake, Made
for Memories

Built on generations of experience, Porta-Dock’s Roll-In
Truss Docks are the ultimate system for your lake home
or cabin. Our dock configurator lets you explore the
endless possibilities for your shoreline.

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