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Step-by-Step How-To Video Guides

Streamline your Porta-Dock ownership experience

Simplifying assembly, maintenance, and customization of your dock or lift system, these videos provide quick and easy solutions.
Elevate your waterfront know-how by watching the experts in action.

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  • Porta-Dock 1265 PWC lift maintenance

    At the end of the season, inspect cables for any frays or broken wires. If excessive frays or breaks are noted, contact...See More

  • How do I level my Porta-Dock dock with the screw-jack telescoping pocket?

    Loosen set the screw. Take the rubber cap off the top of the panel. Use a cordless drill to adjust to your desired...See More

  • How do I install my canopy cover?

    There is no designation for front and back. Your canopy cover should come with coil hooks, shock bungee cord, and s-hooks. Attach the...See More

  • How do I level my boat lift?

    Do NOT attempt to adjust with the boat on the lift. Loosen the set screw and pull/push the leg post to the desired...See More

  • How do I properly spool a motorized winch cable?

    Insert the key into the side of the motorized winch kit to activate the winch. As the motor spools the cable into the...See More

  • How do I adjust the level my Porta-Dock Truss Dock with winches?

    Loosen the set screw. Then unlock the winch and crank the handle counterclockwise to loosen the chain. Place the winch in the lock...See More

  • How do I fold my Porta-Dock canopy fabric for off-season storage?

    It is recommended to remove the canopy before taking your boat off the lift for the season. Your boat will provide an easy...See More

  • Porta-Dock Lift Wheel Maintenance

    First, make sure there is no weight on the lift and that the lift bed is all the way down. Failure to do...See More

  • Porta-Dock Vertical Lift Usage Overview

    Slack in the cable can cause the cable to wrap incorrectly on the winch drum. If slack has been created, you might want...See More