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We take pride in offering the most creative and beneficial docks you’ll find anywhere in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Dock Masters is the go-to source for expert dock installations.

Owning a boat is more like a lifestyle than a weekend hobby, especially since it can cost time and money to properly maintain your boat or pontoon. Do something to help protect your investment by visiting Dock Masters, LLC, in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. We offer a wide selection of aluminum docks and boat lifts that can extend the life of your ship and enhance your weekend fun.

Our expert staff here at Dock Masters will help you pick out the type of dock that works best for your property. After, our crew will install the dock at your location so it’s put together correctly and safely. Our dock installation team is committed to delivering the one-of-a-kind dock needed to make your experience at the lake better.

There are numerous benefits to our boat lifts and the lift installation services we offer. By lifting your boat from the water when it’s not in use, it’s better protected against moss and algae, which will eventually wear away at the exterior paint of your boat. In addition, keeping your boat lifted out of the water and covered by a canopy means it won’t be affected by the sun, leaves, and rain while docked. We also sell dock-leveling equipment that can be used to adjust the height of your dock.

To learn more about our boat lifts and lift installation services, contact Dock Masters today. Our team of experts will answer all of your questions so you can get started in the process of having your new dock installation with confidence.