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How do I fix a lift wheel that is hard to turn?

First, make sure there is no weight on the lift and that the lift bed is all the way down. Failure to do this step could cause the bed to crash to the bottom of the lift once the wheel is loosened from the winch. Next, take a screwdriver or a vice grip to place into the winch drum to keep it from turning. Then, loosen the wheel by turning clockwise. Remove the nut and spring. Turn the wheel counterclockwise until the wheel comes off. Inspect the wheel threads for any rust or damaged threads. If there is rust, clean the rust out. Add some lubricant to the threads on the winch bolt. Remove the screwdriver or other tool you’re using to stop the drum. Reattach the wheel by placing it on the threads and turning it clockwise until the wheel starts turning the drum. Replace the spring and then the lock nut. Tighten the lock nut until the threads are fully engaged.