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Yearly Maintenance for a 1265 lb. Lift

  • At the end of the season, inspect cables for any frays or broken wires. If excessive frays or breaks are noted, contact your dealer for a new cable.
  • Inspect the pulleys in the bed tubes. Make sure there is no wobble or excess play, that the cable is running straight and properly seated in the groove of the pulley.
  • Below the pulley on the winch side, there is a rubber stopper that keeps the bed off the cable crimp. Make sure that is in place and that the crimp on the cable is not sticking through above the rubber.
  • Check that the cable studs are through the lock nut portion and engaged. If not, tighten the lock nuts.
  • Avoid slack in your cables.
  • Avoid leaving cables and cradle in the water for long periods of time.
  • Keep your cables and pulleys free of weeds, algae, and other organic buildup.
  • Store canvas canopy separately, if you have one.