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How do I install my canopy cover?

There is no designation for front and back. Your canopy cover should come with coil hooks, shock bungee cord, and s-hooks. Attach the s-hooks onto the thin metal strap on the inside of the frame. Center one between each of the canopy’s ribs. Unfold the canvas cover over the top of the canopy and pull into place. Run the shock cord through all the D-rings on the cover, making sure the cord runs BEHIND the canopy uprights (this will make it easier to take off later). Tie the coil hooks to the ends of the shock bungee cord (if this hasn’t been done previously). Hook the shock cord ends together or into the next D-ring. Then loop the shock cord onto each of the s-hooks you previously placed onto the canopy frame. The shock cord will make a triangular pattern around the inside of the canopy.