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Porta-Dock Vertical Lift Usage Overview

Slack in the cable can cause the cable to wrap incorrectly on the winch drum. If slack has been created, you might want to guide that cable back by manually applying tension to the cable so it wraps correctly into the winch. The winch drum should be wrapped with the cable on backside of the drum. If the cable gets wrapped the wrong way, with the cable on the front side of the drum, it will not raise or lower your lift properly.

Lower the lift until the cradles are under the surface of the water. Slowly drive your boat into the lift using the guides to center it on the cradles. Centering your boat will ensure it sits as level as can be on lift. If centering is providing difficult, you may need to adjust your guide-ons or add them if you don’t have them. Use the bow stop or motor stop to help center your boat the other way. When using a bow stop, the boat should be touching the stop. Do not ram the bow stop, just gently touch it, so you don’t damage the stop or your boat.

Inboard Motor Boats: You want the motor centered over the rear/lake end cross tube. If your boat is not on far enough the front of the lift won’t operate correctly.

Outboard Motor Boats: The front of the shaft should be within 2 feet of the rear/lake end cross tube.

Cranking the wheel clockwise will raise the lift. Clockwise is up all the time. Cranking the wheel counter clockwise will lower the lift.